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A&S (Shenzhen) Industrial co., Limited.


Address: 2nd Floor, E Building, ZhongHaiXin Industrial Area, ShengBao Road, BuJi, LongGang District, Shenzhen, 518000, China

Website: www.asattitude.com

Telephone: (+86) 755 32825885

Email: sales@asattitude.com/ admin@asattitude.com


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Telephone: (+86) 755 32825885

Email: mandy@asattitude.com

MSN: as.mandy@hotmail.om

Skype: as_mandy.p

Alice Zhu

Telephone: (+86) 755 32825885

Email: alice@asattitude.com

MSN: as.alice@hotmail.om

Skype: as_alice.z

Robert Pang

Telephone: (+86) 755 32825885

Email: Robert@asattitude.com

MSN: as.robert@hotmail.com

Skype: as_robert.p


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