4CH Full D1 Hard Disk Mobile DVR with GPS, G-Sensor, 3G, Wi-Fi and Passenger Counting Function



AS-M810 is a high definition Mobile DVR which records 4 channels video @ D1(720*480/704*576) with sound! This amazing DVR is also integrated with advanced technologies such as GPS Positioning, 3G/4G video transmission, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi Connectivity, and Passenger Analysing/Counting technology as well. What's more, it supports smartphone monitoring, which allows you to keep an eye on your vehicles very easily. AS-M810 provides a perfect solution for fleet management.

Metal housing; shock-resistant design;

Immediately gets into “Record Mode” once turned on;

Supports Manual Record, Motion Detect and scheduled Record;

Video resolution D1/HD1/CIF selectable for each channel; Frame rate 1fps-25fps in PAL or 1fps-30fps in NTSC for each channel.

Supports 4CH full D1 realtime recording;

Video files can be saved onto 2.5” Sata HDD up to 2TB and a SD Card up to 128GB;

With shell lock, user password to keep the data safe;

Supports 6 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs;

Comes with customized video player for playing or analyzing video files;

Power-off delay to guarantee the DVR would shut down normally to keep recorded files safe when power supply is cut;

Capable to power all 4 cameras directly;

Can work with power supply from DC 8V to DC36V;

Supports GPS and G-Sensor function;

Supports 3G for remote video monitoring and Wi-Fi for easy file backup;

Supports Smartphone remote monitoring (Android Phone & IPhone);

Supports Passenger Counting Function (optional).

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