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Question: What is called Mobile DVR?

Answer: Mobile DVR is also called “Vehicle DVR”! It is known as a kind of highly professional video recorder for any kinds of vehicles, including car, bus, truck, lorry, train and boat as well.


Question: Why should we need a Mobile DVR System?

Answer: With a mobile DVR system in your vehicle, you can record every event that happening in or around your vehicle while driving so as to protect your vehicle. Nowadays, thanks to the 3G transmission technique, customers are even able to monitor their vehicles miles away in real time with a 3G mobile DVR.  


Question: What are the differences between “H.264 Format”, and “MPEG-4 Format”?

Answer: They both are a Video Compression Format, while “H.264” is more popular nowadays and it is new and more advanced video compression technique. “MPEG-4” is a video compression format that was widely used in the past. A DVR which adopts “H.264 Compression Format” takes much less space to save video clip of the same length comparing to a DVR that uses “MPEG-4 Compression Format”.


Question: What is the frequency of your 3G mobile DVR? Can it work with our local 3g network?

Answer: The frequencies of our 3G mobile DVR are as follows;

UMTS: Quad band, 850/900/1900/2100MHz


GSM/GPRS/EDGE:Quad band,850/900/1800/1900MHz

Our 3G Mobile DVR supports either WCDMA or CDMA2000 (EVDO) Standard, therefore it can works with 3G networks in most countries of the world.


Question: What are the differences between CCD cameras and CMOS cameras?

Answer: In brief, CCD cameras are normally more expensive than CMOS cameras, and the performances are normally better, especially in color. But CMOS Chips are getting better and better, and are widely used in vehicle review systems recently because the volume can be much smaller with CMOS Chip, and the prices are always good.


Question: Can your Standalone DVR systems support smart phone monitoring?

Answer: Sure, our Standalone DVRs systems work with Smart phone, which allows you to key an eye on your home, or business from miles away in real time simply with your IPhone, ipad, or other Android Smart phones.


Question: What is IP camera?

Answer: IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol, the most common protocol for communication over computer networks and the internet. IP Camera is a camera that creates digitized video streams and transfers via a wired or wireless IP network, enabling monitoring and video recording as far away as the network reaches. In other words, using an IP camera can save a lot of money on installation since most facilities are already wired with LAN cables. Wiring coaxial cables is the major expense when implementing analog cameras. Also, it allows users to have a camera at one location while view live video at another location over the network / internet.

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